Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Picking Sides

This was how I woke up this morning. Simon, in the mood to cuddle, decided that laying onto of mommy was the best idea...ever. This is not an odd thing with Simon. Some days I wake up to a foot in my nose, or a tail in my mouth.

In the past few months, we have come to a sleeping agreement of sorts. We each have a side of the bed. And what I'm about to blog next, will tell just who is running the show. As if you couldn't already figure it out.

I have a full bed, big enough to sleep two full size adults.  Yet I sleep on my side, on the edge, fighting for covers. When I first got Simon, due to his short legs and long back, I decided to put my bed on the floor. My back is killing me most days, Simon, however, can get on and off the bed with ease. That's what is most important.

I also like to sleep on the side of the bed closest to my bathroom. At my beds current placement, this would be on the left side. Guess which side is now been deemed Simon's sides of the bed? If you said the right, you would be wrong, and not paying attention.

Now, Simon's had dog beds, blankets on the floor, my old pillows. He loves the 'big' bed. He loves taking over the whole bed, under covers, butt in mommies face.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

First Post

Well, Welcome to 'For The Love Of A Wiener Dog', this blog is going to be mainly about my little dog Simon. Who as I type this, is currently laying stretched out on my bed, snoring.

Let me start this blog by telling you a bit of back story on Simon. He is a rescue, and some days it's hard to tell if I rescued him or he rescued me. Simon came to me all the way from Georgia, I live in Michigan. Those sorts of dog transports are rare, like as in, Simon was the first for the lady who fostered him.

When he was placed into foster he was nine, another bad strike in getting him placed. Even the cutest ones can have a hard time finding a 'forever home' after a certain age. It's sad, and I wish I could take them all, but it's how it works I'm told.

Simon also came with baggage. It had been told to his foster mother, that Simon's old family had gotten a new puppy. The new puppy didn't seem to get along with Simon. In stead of making it work, or you know, getting rid of the new puppy. They locked Simon in a crate in a back bedroom, later getting rid of him. I was told I don't want to see his crate he arrived in, I'm sure I don't.

This is the point in the post, I stop and take a second to thank the wonderful woman who did in fact save him first. I do believe if it wasn't for her love of these little four legged babies, I would not have Simon. Why do I say this? Well, going into foster was not his first place. The family that owned him was just going to drop him off at a shelter, and let that be that. A friend of the family, however, knew about DRNA or Dachshund Rescue Of North America and had them try placing him there.

They listened, and he got spotted my his foster mom, who by some great feat, got him to Michigan and then eventually to me.

I was only meant to take his picture for his adoption profile page, at the time, the foster home he was in had a few new fosters needing pictures to go with their adoption pages on DRNA. As a hobby photographer, I said I would do it. It was taking pictures of dogs, why would I say no?

Now, I need to back track a bit, again. A few months before I met Simon, I had lost a dog of eight years to heart failure. It was rapid and unexpected. And after that, I wasn't ready for another dog. If ever.

So, Taking pictures of these new fosters seemed the best way to get a fix of a furry face, and not have to take one home. I was wrong. Way wrong.

I didn't even get to take Simon's picture before he was mine. Or maybe I was his. He did seem pretty sure, even on first meeting, that he had found his 'person'.

Simon will be fifteen this August. Five years, a ton of memories later, I'm so glad I went to take his picture.

And now that he is getting older, and starting to slow down a bit. I wanted to make this blog to share my memories of the little dog who I rescued, or who rescued me.

Emily and Simon