Friday, June 14, 2013

Making the bed... Wiener Dog style

Doing anything of house work, or blogging with Simon around is always a bit tricky. In the soon to be six years he has been in this house, I have yet to do a load of laundry without my clothes in one arm and Simon in the other.

I'm so going to rock at being a mom... you know down the five years.

So of course when it's time to change and wash my (read: our) bed sheets, Simon right there to "help" me. Normally I try to find a distraction ( Go get your baby, Simon!) or send him to see his "Grandma" for a few minutes. That way right about the time he decides he's over doing whatever tactic I used, I'm almost done putting on the new sheets.

Well this time mommy didn't get so lucky, and my helper decided not only did he not want to be distracted away while I did this, but wasn't going to help either. Instead planting himself right in the middle of the bed.

It's moments like this that teach me to just go with it, and go with it I did.

Well... Just see for yourself.

Whats that odd lump under my bed sheets?


Yes, Mom?

I like it under here, it's like a fort.

Really, I'm comfy. Don't make me come out.
I guess cuddling with you is ok too.
So, how do your fur kids help you do things?