Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Have Blankie, Will Travel

I sometime have a hard time coming up with topics to blog about here. Not because I lack for things, but because there's so many to choose from. I'm thankful for the fact that I do have an overabundance of moments.

Today was a cuddle day, as most are now, with the cold weather and snow. I spend my days putting off getting work done, not that it's a hard sacrifice to make, in favor of holding a sleeping Simon blankie and all.The last few weeks have seen me spending hours like that. A small head resting on my chest, or napping with his head on mine.

I have taken up reading to him in these moments. Picking a random book from my collection or the library book I brought home from work. I read softly into his ear as he snores. I'm not sure how much of what I say he understands, but the small sighs of contentment make me feel like he enjoys those moments just as much as me.

When not reading to him, I watch him sleep. Feel his body move in his dream world. It's a good life he has now. When we first got him, my mother saw his bottom jaw didn't meet his top one. It made his eating harder to do. that day started a habit that started the spoiling snowball. We hand fed him. Picking up his food bite by bite. Letting him eat his whole meal from our hands. He's comfortable to eat on his own now, but still gets his own hamburger bought and cooked for him.

It's mixed into his dog food and lovingly molded into a pile for him. He also eats in my room, in a spot where I can see him and him me. He gets to relax and take his time. He eats as I work on my book or a blog. Taking breaks to come over and visit, maybe ask for a hug and kiss.

He doesn't have a dog bed, never used them when he has had one. Instead he sleeps in the big bed. He has his own collection of blankets. They all rest on the bed for him to cuddle up into. When I'm working and can't hold him, which is rare, he lays watching me from his blanket pile on my bed.

Is he spoiled? Sure. But he's also greatly loved and taken care of. I want to thank Simon. I want to thank him for picking me to love him. For trusting me to take care of him.

There is also those (rare) troublemaker moments. I love those too!

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