Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hair, Hair, Everywhere There's Hair!

In thinking of what I wanted to post this week, I got a sign... or rather a hair. So that's what this post is going to be about.

When Simon was alive, every season changing he would shed his coat. In the spring into summer he would lose his heavy winter fur, and then in the fall grow it back and lose all the finer "summer hairs". Now Simon didn't have long hair, or a big furry, fluffy coat. It was more like lets say long eyelashes. Some would fall and be almost the same as an eyelash, while others had a harder point on one end, that end often finding its way into the bottom of someone's bare foot.

You knew when you had a "Simon hair" in your foot, it felt like walking on glass. And while thankfully in the few short months Simon has been gone, our feet have all been spared. There still seems to be little eyelash like hairs everywhere.

All bed sheets have been washed, same for clothes. Even the carpet has been ran over with a vacuum a few times. Yet this little hairs still make their way onto my clothes, my dinner plate, the shower, the newly washed bed sheets, or the middle of the page of the book I just started reading. Hmm?

I'm not complaining, I love these little Simon reminders. And in the beginning I tried collecting every spare one I found, ( I clipped hair from his tail, as well as the vets shaving and clipping some for me to save)  But at this point all I need is a handful more, and I can make a brand new dog.

Still covered in dog hair, Emmy

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