Friday, May 22, 2015

It's The Little Things

I'm going to be posting a few of my blogs from another blog site, over to this one. They are after all Simons stories. They may not be in order, but they will be home.

Here is one of them:

As you know from a past post I did, Mother's Day this year was going to be a hard one. It would be my first year without Simon, and I wasn't sure how I was going to handle seeing all the Happy Mother's Day wishes.

I surprised myself. It wasn't as hard as I was fearing, not that it was easy either. I spent the day watching TV and working on my laptop. I'm in the middle of getting over a bad allergy attack, so my energy level is still low. The day went by just like any other day.

And then, just a little after midnight, it happened. To anyone else I'm sure they would be able to find a way to explain it, for me, it was my own personal Mother's Day sign.

When Simon was here, going to the bathroom seemed to be an issue for him. Making it outside wasn't always easy to do, and potty accidents often happened in the house. More than a few times, and thankfully so, he would often pee in the kitchen. Mostly this would be found upon someone entering the kitchen and stepping in it.

Since Simon has been gone, the house and kitchen has remained dry and potty free. So last night when walking into the kitchen, I step in a big puddle of something wet on the floor, it was a little weird. It seems one of the water jugs we had bought this winter for in case we lost power or water, had sprung a leak.

The timing of this happening is what I take away as my sign. All day long this jug could have leaked water, and anyone could have found it. It wasn't until the day was almost over, and I was going for my bedtime snack, that I would find it and of course step in it. Not a small leak just started, but a big puddle.

A Simon sized puddle. It also goes to stand that this leaking water jug would be in a spot Simon almost always would potty.

It may not have been waking up to doggy poop in my bed, but I think I still got my Mothers day gift.


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