Monday, June 1, 2015

I Need A New Trainer

It seems like winter has not been at all kind to me, and my scale is proving it. Now I'm not blaming that on Simon. But the thought did occur to me, I was in much better shape when he was around.

I walked laps with weights. Translated: I walked back and forth from my bedroom to the laundry room, carrying clothes one item at a time, while also carrying a Simon.

I lifted weights. Translation: Picking up and putting down a Simon every 5 minutes while working around the house.

That one can also count as squats.

I was never allowed to be "lazy" while he was in charge of me. Laundry, cooking, vacuuming. All got done with a Simon firmly in one arm.

So it's safe to say, since he hasn't been around to "help" I have gotten lazy. I use both hands to cook, can gather most of my laundry at once... you get the idea. I have also gotten fat.

I know Simon would want his mommy to be healthy, not just physical, but in every way. So with summer finally on it's way. I am trying to get back into shape, I just have to do it without my trainer.


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