Thursday, June 18, 2015

My Puppy Flower

I'm having a bit of writers block, so I'm hoping this post can help me get out of my writing funk.
From the moment I got Simon his personality towards the camera leaned towards that of a ham. I loved taking his picture as much as he loved posing for them. A candid shot was always hard to pull off, as soon as he heard the camera click he was posing.

He also LOVED to dress up. I swear for a boy he had more clothes and costumes than I did. So, of course getting dressed up and having his picture taken was the best thing ever. I swear if I was too slow in getting him into one of his shirts, he would try to do it for himself.  Most often dressing himself without my help.

But that's not my main story with this post. This post is the story of how a random photo shoot idea, became one of my favorite photos of Simon.

As you all know by now, I'm a writer by trade and by heart, but I also love having other hobbies. One of them being photography, and having such a perfect and willing subject as Simon, only made me love my hobby more.

The idea came to me one summer day, after spotting some over sized plastic planters my mom had bought for the yard. I loved seeing cute doggy photos online, and wanted to try my hand at one of my own.Gathering up one of the planters, my camera and Simon, a beautiful photo shoot was born, as well as my very own puppy flower.



  1. ah that is a good picture.
    stella rose

  2. OK, I'll try publishing this a second time since the first time didn't take. Simon was definitely your "Puppy Flower". What a wonderful little boy to have in your life and you in his. I'd say you had the greatest love in the whole wide world. Simon misses you, but wants you to be happy, too. Love, Angels Bazier, Kitty Kimber & the feisty little wirehaired doxie, Drubo!