Monday, June 8, 2015

The Dog In The Sink

Well wouldn't you know. I had this all typed up once, hit a wrong button, and lost the whole thing. I guess this is take two, let's cross our paws it works.

Dogs teach us several lessons throughout our life with them. How to love, how to enjoy life, and the benefit of a belly rub.

With Simon, I learned how to give a the sink.

Simon wasn't a fan of the bath. That whole getting wet, smelly shampoo, slippery tub thing didn't work for him. He did it, and without a fuss. But would let mommy know his displeasure afterwards. I always needed new sheets after bath day.

In the winter he would get spared from the bath, unless one was really REALLY needed. I found doggy oatmeal wipes, and would "dust him off" with those during the colder months. But in the summer, we got regular baths, and a new routine had to be worked out.

Besides Simon not being a fan. Hovering over the tub for a long time would hurt my back and knees. So in the idea of using what we had, we set out to find a way to make it work.

Option one: The shower. Holding him in the shower to soap and rinse, then letting him out to run free and dry off. Myself stepping back in to take a shower cold water. This plan worked in desperate times. But overall wasn't the best.

Option two: The bathroom sink. It was the right size, easy on my back and knees, and Simon could even lay down...or nap. I was also able to pull up a chair if need be. We would get the water warm, lay him on his side, soap him up, and then do the same to the other side. The water would massage his belly as it came from the faucet. It was a weenie spa day. And Simon started to like a bath.

He did get one more bath,  in what would come to be his last bath, in a tub. There are pictures of it here on TB. But for the remainder of his life, he was the dog in the sink.



  1. First a tip. Write in something like Google documents so you don't lose your blogs. Now Simon was a lot like River. She hates her baths. She won't go in the bathroom with me when I shower because she is afraid I will pull her in with me. You did a great job bathing Simon. Sharing this on my blog, might get you some more followers

  2. G'day Emmy ..... my name's Charlie ..... I come from downunder in Australia. Foley, Pocket and River told me all about you and Simon so I just stopped by to say g'day. It sure is good to meet you. I hope we can be friends. You sure look comfy in that sink bath. I have my bath in the shower. I think my legs are too long for me to fit in the sink but it could be fun trying, aye??

    1. Crikey Emmy ..... I didn't mean YOU look comfy in that sink bath. I meant Simon!! I think, like me, your legs would be too long to fit in there, aye??

    2. Oh dear Emmy ...... I'm sorry ...... I didn't realise you had lost Simon and were writing his story. I'm so sorry. I will enjoy reading all about Simon though. It will be good to hear all about him and I'd sure like to be friends.

  3. Pops says I'd never fit in da sink BOL BOL BOL!!


  4. Awe I am sorry your lost your Furiend but documenting his stories is very cool and I hope it helps!

    Mommy washes Matt and Matilda in the shower and me in the tub. Matilda used to get washed in the sink but hers got fat and liked to slither away from Mom so in the shower she goes BOL ;)

    xoxo, Ginger

  5. Hi, we're the Portie Pack. There are ten of us, six Portuguese Water Dogs, a very old Shih-Tsu/ Lab mix, an Australian Shepherd/Bernese Mountain Dog mix and two Beagle/Doxie mixes. We all live and play together and we're glad to meet you. Foley Monster told us about you.

    Mom used to wash us in her shower but while she was rinsing herself off, we were rolling in her bed, so we don't so that anymore. Now we have our own bathtub in the garage.

  6. I'm so very sorry about Simon's passing but writing down his stories must help some. I've been in your shoes, more than once, and the grief of losing a dog can be overwhelming. I love that you're writing about your memories - what a great idea!

  7. We came over to say HI from Foley Monster. We are sorry about Simon, we know how much it hurts to lose your furbaby. we hope that your memories will help you smile -
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  8. Hi I am Sasha, it is very nice to meet you. I read about you from Foley Monster. I am not a bath kind of gal, no matter where it is, I do not like it EVER. I do love how you are sharing memories of this very special Simon. Thank you for that and I hope we can be pals.

    Loveys Sasha

  9. Hi Emmy: We read about you on Foley Monsters Blog and wanted to stop by and say Hi to you. We are so sorry for your Loss, but we did enjoy reading your Simon stories. We could feel so much love in each the way we are sink pugs....yes, we get our bathes in the kitchen sink and then mom has to spray and clean the whole kitchen up cos we shed a lot of hair also. Please come by and visit our blog....we love making new friends. Stella Rose, Maggie Mae and Angus Mac

  10. Hi! Foley Monster sent us over to day hello! We get baths all the time! It looks like Simon was pretty agreeable. We know your hearts hurt so we hope he sends you someone to help heal them.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley