Thursday, June 4, 2015

Wild Flowers

It's the changing of the season, winter has left, and summer is in full bloom. Flowers are coming in, tress are getting new leaves. New life is moving forward all around us.

In the hectic day to day, some times it's hard to "stop and smell the roses". We rush past life, or are too focused in our own anxieties, to see the beauty and peace the world try's to offer us.

I got to see some of the peace today. My day started out busy, and going as soon as my feet hit the floor. Off to the DMV for license plate tags, then to run a few shopping errands.

I want to pause my train of thought here for a second. I'm not sure if many or anyone knows this. I suffer with bad anxiety and panic attacks. I manage most of the time pretty well, but I have my days that the world is a very hard place to shuffle through. I don't take medication for it, I try to work it out on my own. Meeting Simon, however, eased a lot of the wear on my already frazzled nerves.

He had a calm, everything's going to be alright, I'm here personality, you had no choice but to relax. So it's safe to say  that without my hotdog shaped chill pill, I have more nervous days then not.

So a day like today, would have me almost exhausted by time I got back home. And of course, I can always count on Simon to save the day.

Ok, back to my point. Over the start of last summer, a group of wild flowers moved from the back yard into the front. We had already stopped having Simon go down his ramp to use his "potty pen" since he was having weakening in his back legs. So when the wildness slowly moved into his pen, no one got concerned.

And as you know, by the time winter fully set in, Simon was gone, and the flowers were waiting for the warmth to bloom.

So today, on a day when I needed it the most, I happened to glance into Simon's old potty pen...and see his flowers. Open and enjoying the warm day, and setting sun.

His wild flowers, my calm boy, giving me peace.

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