Sunday, January 17, 2016

It's A Boy!!!

I, Simon have an announcement all the way from Rainbow Bridge.


I have a new baby brother.

He came home on January 9th, and both mom and baby are doing fine. His first week home was a big change for mom, but they seem to be settling into a pattern.

Mom is still doing what I'm told is called "nesting" and making sure that the house is all set up for him. Before he came she made sure to buy everything she thought he would need, and then some. Truthfully I think she may have gone a little overboard, I mean come on mom does he really need that many blankets?

Of course she's already told him all about me, after all I am the older brother. I'm still working on fun ways to visit, and pick on him.


So I guess you are curious to know a bit more about him?

Ok here goes...

His name is Loki. He is 41/2 and weighs a bouncing 17 pounds.

So here he my new baby brother.