About Simon

Simon 1998-2014

Simon came to me when he was nine years old. The family he had been with had got a new puppy, and because the two didn't get along, they no longer wanted him. He was placed into rescue, and long story short, placed in my arms. Literally. He was and always will be, my heart and soul. The little dog that came into my life when I needed him most, and when he needed me the most too. We saved each other in so many ways.

Born August 8, 1998. Simon was an old soul. Calm and wise, he could give the best advice and comfort with just the touch of his paw, or look in his eyes. He was also from time to time, a big goofball. He loved dressing up, and I think had more clothes then I do. The memories and laughs, as well as love and happiness that one little dog gave me, I can never thank him enough for. Truly my best friend.

Simon is the reason this blog exists. I wanted a place to share his life. To remember all the moments that made me laugh, and cry.  I lost Simon on December 26th, 2014. He was sixteen. I miss him every day. With this blog, Simon in never really gone. His memories will carry his legacy on in this blog.

Thank you!

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